Carts for Collection From Homes

The Regional District, Summerland, Oliver, Osoyoos and Keremeos are considering providing carts to municipal and rural residents. Carts are wheeled bins for garbage, recycling and yard waste that allow for automated collection (the driver doesn't get out of his vehicle). The three carts would potentially be supplied to every home with the cost of the carts being built into your current waste collection charges (these costs are being looked at now). Should one of the local governments proceed with a cart system, carts would start being used July 1st, 2018.

Link to an existing cart program (details may be different but gives you a better idea):

City of Penticton Cart Collection Program​

Perceived Common Benefits:

  • Reduces worker injuries for people collecting waste (saving costs)
  • Drivers can collect more materials more quickly (saving costs)​
  • No need to use as many bags as carts supplied
  • Carts have wheels so can be easy to move
  • Carts store and contain litter better than bags, reducing spilled refuse

Potential Common Concerns:

  • Supplying the carts may raise overall costs
  • Space may be limited for storing bins
  • Carts may be too small
  • Storing garbage in carts can ​attract animals
  • Long driveways may make dropping off refuse harder

The survey (link above and below) is intended to better understand how you use your local curbside collection program now. Your answers will help guide your local government to make the best choices for new services. City of Penticton residents are asked not to fill in this survey as your homes already have carts.