Climate Action Resources

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) has partnered with to help homeowners learn about your home’s energy efficiency and how to plan for and implement effective, cost-saving, energy solutions.

Whether you’re interested in reducing your home’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or lowering your energy bill, is a tool that can help you find a start to your project while providing online expert advice in under five minutes.

Why this partnership?
The RDOS is launching a pilot project with beginning May 2022. The goal of the project is to help improve local climate action through energy efficiency in homes. Properate provides a home energy evaluation and home upgrade reports for RDOS residents and property owners. 

This online tool can help you make the right decisions – in order of your personal priorities – and provides additional tools when talking with contracts, starting your own projects, or seeking to make a difference to your carbon footprint.

What is Properate?
Properate is a BC-based company providing data services for renovations. Properate has worked with numerous municipalities around the province using their proprietary tools to help residents and homeowners, as well as local and regional governments, better achieve their climate objectives. 

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How do I use it? 

1- Visit and enter your home address

2- Get your free preliminary energy report in just 5 minutes

3- Book a consultation to go through your report with one of Properate experts


  • Home energy evaluation: Visit to get a free energy evaluation report of your home. The initial remote assessment will help you identify your home performance.
  • Upgrade planning: There is no straightforward way to home upgrade. The home works as a system. Properate optimizes your home upgrade planning to maximize the rebates, save on energy bills and reduce your home greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Your greener neighborhood: Properate promotes greener communities.You and your neighbors can now sign up on Properate to apply for group rebates which give you top-up rebates towards your renovation.
  • Consultation: Not sure where to start making your home more sustainable and efficient? Sign up for a free consultation.
  • Less cost, more energy efficiency: Don’t rely on guesses and random advice. Find your best upgrade with the latest building science and energy modeling. 

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Climate action resources are provided below, with many created specifically for property owners and residents of the South Okanagan-Similkameen. 

Climate Action Resources
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February 2020 Climate Projections for the Okanagan Region


This report is intended to support a local understanding of how climate across the Okanagan is projected to change, and inform regional planning on how to prepare for future climate events. This work is critical to maintaining wellbeing, including robust ecosystems, a thriving community, and a vibrant economy. Early efforts to prepare infrastructure and communities for climate change will reduce regional reliance on continued emergency management activations and support the ability of the region to thrive over time. 

This report offers climate projections for the Okanagan in the 2050s and forward to the 2080s. The 2050s projections are useful for medium-term planning purposes, while the 2080s provide guidance for long-term planning and decision-making. Findings indicate that the Okanagan can expect significant changes to climate in the coming decades.

Cover LakeshoreLiving 

A Resource For Okanagan and Similkameen Lakeshore Living


A healthy and natural shoreline protects your property from flooding and keeps the water safe and clean for people and animals. A healthy lake can enhance tourism, increase property values and reduce future costs from water treatment, shoreline management, and flooding. This guide provides resources for residents to support sustainable lakeshore living. 


As a first step towards coordinated action on climate changes across the Ministry, all regions and program areas are required to develop Climate Action Plans (CAPs) that address the goals and objectives of the Climate Change Strategy.


This Thompson/Okanagan Region Climate Action Plan will satisfy these requirements and will provide guidance towards addressing climate change risks in our day to day operations.  



The strategy outlines the anticipated changes in climate and the associated effects on agricultural entities. It provides clear actions suited to local specifics, capacity, and resources.


RDOS & Real Estate Foundation of BC

Building Climate Resilience in the Okanagan

This homeowner's resource guide introduces the reader to the unique Okanagan environment, and provides advice on how to use this knowledge to enhance and future-proof your property. 

 AClimateChange Kelowna  

City of Kelowna  

A Changing Climate

In 2017 Kelowna experienced several major weather events similar to those we expect to occur more regularly in a future influenced by climate change. By understanding how climate change is impacting our community, it is possible to understand how the City and community should respond to this emerging issue to complement the City's efforts on Climate Action.