Additional Resources

Additional Resources

The intent of this page to amalgamate a variety of reports and factsheets to provide additional information on broader topics related to wildlife interaction, safety, and related topics. This area will be updated as new materials are sourced.

If you have suggestions for inclusion, please email the RDOS WildSafeBC Coordinator at

Links to Factsheets:
BC Ministry of Agriculture has numerous helpful guides concerning wildlife and access and egress from farms. Two older but often requested are: 

Fencing: link to document
Gates and Paths: link to document
Ministry supported guides: link to Wildlife Guide Brochure


Additional Species Factsheets or guides:
Snakes: link to snakeproof your yard
Spider and Woodtick: link to factsheet

Guide to Bear Spray: link to factsheet


Hyper Links to related wildlife Reports:

Okanagan – Understanding Black Bear occurrences paper