Electoral Area D

Current Rezoning Proposals

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
D2014.135-ZONERDOS(various)Hillside / Steep Slope DP Area Update.
D2018.013-ZONERDOS781 Highway 97, OK FallsTo replace Land Use Contract No. LU-12-D-76 with a Small Holdings Four (SH4) Zone.
D2018.041-ZONEDoug Miller4844 & 4849 Bassett AvenueTo allow for the development duplexes 
D2018.066-ZONEBrad Elenko
(McElhanney Consulting Services Inc)
4850 Weyerhaeuser RoadTo allow for an approximately 50 site Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park.

Current Temporay Use Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
D2018.177-TUPDonna Butler
(Ecora Engineering Ltd)
2155 Carmi RoadTo allow for a vacation rental use in an accessory structure

Completed Development Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
D2018.064-IDPSunniva Medical Inc.1655 Maple Street, OK FallsTo develop a "17 acre greenhouse, production and administrative building".

Completed Rezoning Proposals

Project No.Zoning Bylaw No.OCP Bylaw No. AddressSummary
D-07-06800.9901801.11, 2008-159 Christie Mountain LaneAmend the definition of "height" as applied to the subject property
RD 421801.15, 20081708.07, 2008N/AIntroduction of 1.0 ha requirement for subdivision of un-serviced parcels
D-08-2924.001801.18, 2008-3860 & 3875 McLean Cree Road, OK FallsTo allow for a 2 lot subdivision
D-07-03618.1002455.01, 20112454.01, 2011153 Eastside RoadTo allow for a 3-lot subdivision
D-09-06752.1502455.02, 2009-135 Saliken DriveTo allow for an accessory dwelling unit (DENIED)
D-08-00998.0932455.03, 20082454.03, 20091021, 1025 1033 Ash Street, and 1036 & 1040 Willow Street, OK FallsTo allow the development of multi-dwelling units
D-08-03595.0102455.04, 2009-3670 McLean Creek Road, OK FallsTo allow the subdivision and donation of part of the property for conservation purposes
D-09-02508.3762455.05, 20102454.04, 20102084 Pinewinds Place, OK FallsTo allow a residential alcohol treatment centre (WITHDRAWN)
D-09-03459.0302455.06, 20092454.02, 20091631 Maple Street, OK FallsTo develop a facility for the central operations of a regional recycling business
D-10-03647.2302455.08, 20112454.05, 2011187 Racette Way, OK FallsTo allow the subdivision and donation of part of the property for conservation purposes
D-10-03461.0052455.09, 20132454.06, 20134505 McLean Creek Road, OK FallsTo allow for expansion of adjacent manufactured home park
D-13-08023.0002455.10, 20132454.07, 20133500 Highway 97To allow for a 12 lot subdivision (WITHDRAWN)
D-12-00998.0882455.11, 20132454.08, 20131308 Cedar Street, OK FallsTo rezong from RS1 to RM2 in order to allow for a 25 unit townhouse development.
D-12-06802.1052455.12, 2013-4720 Allendale Road, OK FallsIncrease the floor area of a winery, bistro/lounge area and accessory dwelling unit.
D2013.069-ZONE2455.14, 2014-716 Mosley Place, OK FallsTo allow a secondary suite
D2013.092-ZONE2455.15, 2014-283 One Quail Place, OK FallsTo allow a secondary suite
D2014.033-ZONE2455.16, 20152603.01, 2015N/ATextual Amendments to zoning bylaws
D2014.036-ZONE2455.17, 20152603.02, 20152170 Highway 97, OK FallsRezone property from AG3 to part AG1 and part SH1 to allow subdivision
D2014.043-ZONE2455.18, 2014-605 Willow Street, OK FallsFormalise "single detached dwelling" in CT1 Zone (WITHDRAWN)
D2015.020-ZONE2455.19, 20152603.06, 2015"Heritage Hills" neighbourhood"Voluntary Discharge" of LUC No. LU-3-D
D2015.020-ZONE2455.20, 20152603.06, 2015"Heritage Hills" neighbourhood"Early Termination" of LUC No. LU-3-D
D2015.021-ZONE2455.21, 20152603.05, 2016"Vintage Views" neighbourhood"Voluntary Discharge" of LUC No. LU-3-D
D2015.021-ZONE2455.22, 20152603.05, 2016"Vintage Views" neighbourhood"Early Termination" of LUC No. LU-3-D
D2015.128-ZONE2455.23, 20162603.07, 2016District Lot 461, SDYD
(near Skaha Estates)
Rezone from LH to AG1 to allow 1-lot subdivision
D2016.002-ZONE2455.24, 20162603.08, 2016(various)Update of Commercial Zones
D2016.019-ZONE2455.25, 2016-130 Apple Court, Heritage HillsDischarge of Land Use Contract
D2016.106-ZONE2455.262603.081830 Alba Road, OK FallsRezone from C7 to RS3 to allow a 66 lot subdivision (WITHDRAWN)
D2017.014-ZONE2455.27, 20172603.10, 2017170 Sunnybrook DriveRezone from SH5s to RS1 to allow for a 3-lot subdivision.
D2017.062-ZONE2455.28, 2017-2027 Carmi AvenueAllow a "kennel" as a permitted accessory use in SH1 Zone
D2017.090-ZONE2455.29, 2017-4820 9th Avenue, OK FallsRezone from C3 to RS3 to allow residential development.
D2017.148-ZONE2455.31, 2017-2128 Beaverdell RoadTo facilitate a 3 lot subdivision
D2018.028-ZONE2455.33, 2018-102 Saliken DriveTo allow for an accessory dwelling (i.e. "carriage house).
D2018.044-ZONE2455.35, 2018-1752 Alba Road, OK FallsTo allow a second kitchen in a principal dwelling unit.
D2018.052-ZONE2455.36, 2018-737 Main Street, OK FallsTo restore a duplex zoning to the subject property

Completed Temporary Use Permits

Project No.ProponentAddressSummaryPermit Expiry
D2018.054-TUPGreyback Construction Limited (obo South Skaha Housing Society)5080 9th Avenue, Okanagan FallsTo allow for residential use of ground floor units in the Okanagan Falls Town Centre (C3) ZoneJune 7, 2021