Electoral Area F Westbench Parks & Recreation Commission

Selby Park, Veteran Tribute Announcement

The Parks Commission advises on matters that pertain to parks and trails within Electoral Area 'F' (Okanagan Lake West/West Bench).  

Electoral Area 'F' Parks Commission
 Michael BrydonDirector 
1Warren EvertonMember31-Dec-16
2Heather AllenSecretary31-Dec-16
3Larry FarleyTreasurer31-Dec-15
4Jane WindelerMember31-Dec-15
5Tristan MennellMember31-Dec-15
Westbench Parks Commission

Larry Farley, Treasurer
Phone: (250) 493-0186
Email: larrythered@shaw.ca

Max Lake Conservation Covenant Area

Anthea Bryan (250) 492-0312, or contact
Land Conservancy of BC (250) 492-0173

Electoral Area 'F' Parks Commission Establishment

Bylaw 1539, 1996