Business and Multi-Family Recycling

In 2017, the Regional District launched an education program regarding recycling and composting for businesses and multi-family developments throughout the region.

The program is currently in progress and will wrap up in 2018. Follow the links below to learn more.

Program Overview:

The Regional District has hired GreenStep Solutions to provide consultation and an education program for businesses and multi-family developments throughout the Regional District.

GreenStep Solutions has been reaching out to businesses and multi-family developments across the RDOS to discuss potential barriers to recycling. Recycling barriers may include the cost of recycling services, lack of education, or space issues for extra recycling bins. They also completed 20 free waste audits to find out what materials are ending up in the garbage. After this consultation GreenStep Solutions will bring forward potential programs or strategies to reduce waste. GreenStep Solutions will also be looking at options for businesses and multi-family units to divert organics from the landfill. The RDOS is potentially building a compost site that would be able to handle food scraps and other organic waste.

Timeline of activities:

  • Community workshops – COMPLETE (August 2017)
  • Business and multi-family waste audits – COMPLETE (April - December 2017)
  • Online recycling survey – COMPLETE (October – December 2017)
  • Best practice research – COMPLETE (January - March 2018)
  • Recommendations and report - COMPLETE (May 2018)
  • Implementation - IN PROGRESS

Penticton Herald story on a waste audit done for their office (Dec 2017)


Business Waste and Recycling Services Business Directory

Business waste and recycling services directory

Infographic on Business Waste in RDOS