Interactive mapping apps provide a lot more functionality than traditional static maps. Our mapping apps work on all devices including mobile phones. The RDOS offers three interactive mapping applications for you to explore: the Parcel, Trails and Naramata Cemetery Information Maps. Just click on the links below.


Parcel Information Maps

Provides detailed civic, legal and zoning information on properties in the RDOS. Click here for our Classic Silverlight Parcels Application

Trail Information Maps

For more trails information, check out our Click, Hike and Bike page.

Naramata Cemetery Information Map

For more information on the Naramata Cemetery, Click Here. For our Classic Silverlight Cemetery App, click here.



A note for Chrome users using our Classic Mapping applications:

In late 2014 Google announced that Chrome would no longer support Silverlight applications starting in January 2015.  This means our classic Silverlight map viewers will no longer work in Google Chrome.  Please use a different web browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox to access our classic mapping applications.