Electoral Area I

Current Rezoning Proposals

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
D2017.069-ZONETwin Lakes Golf Course Limited (Suki Sekhon)79 Twin Lakes Road, Twin LakesTo transfer density equivalent to a 50 multi-unit development from the adjacent eastern parcel to the subject parcel.

Current Temporay Use Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary

Completed Rezoning Proposals

Project No.Zoning Bylaw No.OCP Bylaw No. AddressSummary
RD 421883.13, 20081882.09, 2008N/AIntroduce 1.0 ha minimum requirement for un-serviced parcels to be created by subdivision.
D-08-08042.0002457.01, 20082456.01, 2008no civic addressAllow for a 5 lot subdivision. (ABANDONED)
D-08-06900.1202457.02, 2009-520 & 525 Grand Oro RoadAllow for a 1 lot subdivision.
D-09-01501.0152457.03, 2010-315 Linden Avenue, KaledenAllow for eating and drinking establishment, banquet facilities, outdoor seating and commercial garden.
D-09-02778.2002457.04, 2009-181 Jebbs Road, Twin LakesAllow for the development of a 2nd principal dwelling.
D-09-02800.0502457.05, 2009-289 Clearview Road, ApexAllow for the subdivision of a jointly held duplex into two separate titles.
D-10-06900.2202457.06, 2010-551 Grand Oro RoadAllow for a 1 lot subdivision.
D-10-06582.0202457.07, 2010-145 Saddlehorn Drive, St. AndrewsAllow for a 1 lot subdivision (REFUSED).
D-11-04929.0002457.08, 20112456.02, 20112049 Green Mountain RoadAllow for a 4 lot subdivision (ABANDONED).
D-11-02369.0152457.09, 20112456.03, 20111699 White Lake RoadAllow for a 1 lot subdivision.
D-11-04251.0002457.10, 2012-1229 Apex Mountain Road, ApexAllow for a secondary suite.
D-12-APEX2457.11, 20132456.04, 2013200 Strayhorse Road, ApexAllow for development of a mixed use structure in Apex Village.
D2013.034-ZONE2457.12, 20132456.05, 2013ApexAllow vacation rental as a permitted use at Apex.
D-13-05078.0302457.13, 20132456.06, 2013174 Twin Lake Road, Twin LakesFormalise a secondary suite.
D2015.026-ZONE2457.14, 20152456.07, 2015Creekview Road, ApexReplace RMU Zone with a new RM3 Zone.
D2016.096-ZONE2457.15, 2016-(various)Introduce LH2 Zone and apply to an area of Green Mountain Road
D2016.090-ZONE2457.16, 20182683.01, 2018131 & 133 Whitetail Road, ApexFormalise 4-plex & allow short-term tourist accommodation.
D2017.003-ZONE2457.17, 2017-2011 Green Mountain RoadAllow subdivision of an 8.0 ha parcel.
D2016.016-ZONE2457.18, 2017-Taggart Crescent, Twin LakesVoluntary Discharge of Land Use Contract No. LU-23-D-77
D2016.016-ZONE2457.19, 2017-Taggart Crescent, Twin LakesEarly Termination of Land Use Contract No. LU-23-D-77
D2017.074-ZONE2457.21, 2017-1992 Green Mountain RoadTo facilitate subdivision (Withdrawn)
D2017.147-ZONE2457.22, 2018-445 & 449 Sagewood Lane, Twin LakesTo allow "agriculture" as a permitted use by rezoning to SH5s.
D2018.004-ZONE2457.23, 2018-1609, 1714, 1730, 1746 & 1752 Green Lake RoadEarly Termination of Land Use Contract No. LU-10-D
D2018.039-ZONE2457.24, 2018-100 4th Street, KaledenTo allow a secondary suite on a parcel less than 2,020 m2 in area.
D2018.040-ZONE2457.25, 2018-137 Saddlehorn DriveTo facilitate a boundary adjustment (subdivision)
D2018.164-ZONE2457.27, 2018-449 Sagewood Lane, Twin LakesTo allow "agriculture" as a permitted use by rezoning to SH5s.

Completed Temporary Use Permits

Project No.ProponentAddressSummaryPermit Expiry
D2016.094-TUPBar T5 Trailers North Inc. 1146 Highway 3A, Twin LakesDisplay and sales of trailers and equipmentNovember 17, 2019
D2016.105-TUPAdam Konanz110 Ponderosa Avenue, KaledenRenewal of existing permit for a vacation rental use.December 31, 2019
D2016.132-TUPIan Johnson100 4th Street, KaledenOperation of a vacation rental use (Withdrawn).N/A