Electoral Area A

Current Rezoning Proposals

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
A2016.032-ZONEInfinity Properties9330 202nd AvenueRezone to allow 80 unit subdivision (Willow Beach).
A2018.207-ZONESteinar Johnsen1750 Highway 3To facilitate a 5-lot subdivision

Current Development Variance Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressPurposeDocuments


Current Temporary Use Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary

Completed Rezoning Proposals

Project No.Zoning Bylaw No.OCP Bylaw No. AddressSummary
A-08-06748.000-2260.15, 2008Regal RidgeRefinement of OCP designation boundaries
A-08-06748.0002261.21, 20082260.18, 2008Regal RidgeGolf Course & Residential Development
A-08-06748.0002261.22, 20082260.17, 2008Regal RidgeIncreasing residential densities at Regal Ridge
A-08-06748.000-2260.19, 2008N/AUpdate of Growth Management Section in OCP
A-08-01247.0002451.01, 2009-3312 16th AvenueSubdivision of 0.2 ha lot in AG1 Zone
A-09-06749.4002451.02, 20092450.01, 2009Regal RidgeCreate a site for a Community Hall: and
Rezone 4 commercial parcels to residential.
A-07-04583.2002451.03, 20082450.03, 200815001 Highway 3Abandoned
A-09-06748.0002451.03, 2010-Regal RidgeRefine zone lines to match parcel lines
A-10-01174.0002451.04, 20102450.03, 20103635 Highway 3Accessory structure on adjacent parcel
A-10-05997.0002451.05, 2010-17202 Highway 97Allow packing facility with a 3,050 m2 floor area
A-10-06748.0002451.06, 20112450.04, 2011Regal RidgeRefine zoning boundaries
A-10-06748.8502451.07, 20112450.05, 2011Regal RidgeIncrease residential densities
A-10-06027.0002451.08, 2011-9707 128th Ave.Allow packing facility with a 2,250 m2 floor area
A-11-06255.0052451.09, 2011-3416 Highway 97Allow an additional dwelling unit (withdrawn)
A-11-01167.0002451.10, 2012-7851 45th StreetAllow a "Community Residential Facility" (withdrawn)
A-12-01248.0002451.11, 2012-3501 16th Ave.Allow a "secondary suite" in AG1 Zone
A-12-06379.0002451.12, 20132450.06, 20139330 202nd Ave.Allow 80 lot residential development (withdrawn)
A2012.018-ZONE2451.13, 20142450.07, 20148902 160th Ave.Allow 8 lot residential development (withdrawn)
A-13-07108.1102451.14, 20132450.08, 201318256 Highway 3Rezone to Industrial - gravel processing (refused)
A2013.064-ZONE2451.15, 2013-9506 6th Ave.Allow dwelling as principal use in CT1 Zone
A2014.019-ZONE2451.16, 20142450.09, 2014N/AImplementation of Agriculture Area Plan (AAP)
A2014.039-ZONE2451.17, 20142450.10, 201421001 Kruger Mtn Rd.Abandoned
A2014.041-ZONE2451.18, 20142450.11, 20142815 85th StreetRestoration of LH Zone
A2014.076-ZONE2451.19, 20142450.12, 20142815 85th StreetAllow 10 lot residential development (withdrawn)
A2015.104-ZONE2451.20, 2015-N/ACorrecting textual error affecting LH Zone.
A2016.075-ZONE2451.21, 2016-104th AvenueTo facilitate a boundary adjustment.
A2018.006-ZONE2451.22, 2018-2404 87th StreetTo allow a secondary suite on a parcel less than 2,020 m2 in area.
A2018.038-ZONE2451.24, 20182450.13, 201817808 103rd StreetTo allow for the development of a winery.
A2018.076-ZONE2451.25, 2018-8312 98th AvenueTo allow for the placement of a mobile home (Z240).
A2018.148-ZONE2451.26, 2018-2257 82nd AvenueTo allow the subdivision of a new 4.0 ha parcel.

Completed Temproary Use Permits

Project No.ProponentAddressSummaryPermit Expiry
A2017.066-TUPKuldeep Dhaliwal9418 Highway 97, OsoyoosTo allow for a mobile food truckJuly 6, 2020
A2016.109-TUPGrant & Elaine Lyver8705 Road 22To allow for an "outdoor storage" use.January 4, 2021
A2018.071-TUPChris & Beata Tolley
(Moon Curser)
3628 Highway 3To allow for a vacation rental useDecember 31, 2019
A2018.135-TUPRobert Burk130 Hallis RoadTo allow for the use of the property as a commercial wedding venueOctober 18, 2021
A2019.005-TUPDouglas & Elaine Harper16435 87th StreetTo allow for a "mobile home" on an RS1 zoned propertyAugust 1, 2022