Kennedy Lake

Update – August 18, 2017

The Kennedy Lake Comprehensive Development (CD6) Zone in the Electoral Area “H” Zoning Bylaw No. 2498, 2012 is limited to a specific number of seasonal cabins and recreational vehicles.  The CD6 Zone allows a maximum density of 201 “seasonal cabins” and 154 “recreational vehicles” (for a total of 355) on the property.  Recent site inspections completed by Regional District staff determined the total number of “seasonal cabins” and “recreational vehicles” to be in excess of 400.  The larger number of these are recreational vehicles – those with RV shelters, without RV shelters and stored RV’s.

The Regional District requires a reduction in the number of “seasonal cabins” and “recreational vehicles” occurring at 1916 Kennedy Lake Road to a number not exceeding 355 prior to issuing any further permits.

Accordingly, new building permits will be not issued for any seasonal cabins or structures associated with recreational vehicles (RV shelters).  Building permits may still be considered for accessory buildings (sheds, etc.)

An RFP (Request for Proposals) is currently being prepared to proceed with demolitions of non-compliant structures.  Non-compliant structures include structures which permits have expired, have had no inspections or recent inspections or have no permits at all.

Building Official - Next Attendance at Kennedy Lake

Building Official visits are scheduled for:

As many of the building permits at Kennedy Lake have been completed, and many others expire at the end of June 2017, inspections will now be done on an individual basis.  If you require an inspection, please contact Building Official Aaron Hough in our Princeton office at 250-295-6685 or  Alternatively, you can call the RDOS Inspection Request Line at 250-490-4100.  Please have your permit number & address of the project available.

Please call 250-295-6685 (Aaron Hough) to book an inspection.





Update - May 9, 2017

Letters have been sent out for the majority of structures that require remedial work and or further inspections. All required work is to be completed by June 30, 2017.

After June 30, 2017, RDOS staff will finalize which structures will be demolished this summer.

Applications for new Building Permits

 Further to the posting on March, 8, 2017, all new structures must meet the full requirements of for obtaining a building permit in the RDOS. This includes having an engineer provide sealed drawings and letters of assurance for any construction which varies from Part 9 of the BC Building Code (for example, log or timber structures). In addition, the leaseholder must provide a copy of a current lease from the property owner and the property owner must sign the form entitled “Authorization to Build” which gives the leaseholder authority to obtain the building permit.

Seasonal cabins with any type of plumbing fixture will require approval from Interior Health for a septic disposal system.

Update - March 8, 2017

The majority of permits have been issued for the pre-existing structures which were the subject of the Court Order of January 2014.  The next step in this process will be to determine which structures have not had the required inspections since permit issuance and which permits have expired without being completed. 

All permits were issued with a 6 month expiry date.  If not inspections were completed, or alternate arrangements made within that 6 month period, the permit is considered to have expired.  Structures without inspections, structures with expired permits and structures which have had inspections but the corrective work has not been completed within the time limits given, will be subject to demolition pursuant to the 2014 Court Order.

We are currently reviewing our records to determine which structures will be subject to demolition this spring and summer.

Applications for new Building Permit

Please note that any potential new structures must meet with full requirements for obtaining a building permit in the RDOS.  This includes having a copy of the lease agreement between the property owner and the lessee as well as the Form 1 (Acknowledgement of Owner) and Form 3 (Appointment of Agent), signed by the property owner (Mr. Duttenhoffer).  Permit applications which do not include all of the required documents will not be processed.  If work proceeds without a valid building permit, enforcement will be commenced.

Update - June 3, 2016

On June 2, 2016, the RDOS Board adopted Bylaws No. 2497.06 and 2498.06, to approve the zoning amendment for the Kennedy Lake Resort.  This means building permits can be issued for approved uses in the area formerly known "Area B" of Kennedy Lake. 

Building Officials are now working on processing the applications which have been submitted.  Leaseholders will be contacted when their permits are ready to be issued.



Update - April 19, 2016

The construction season is underway.


The rezoning is in progress and we anticipate being able to issue permits for the remaining structures in Kennedy Lake at some point this summer.  We are starting to do the plan reviews in anticipation of the rezoning being approved to have the permits ready to go as soon as the bylaw is adopted (anticipated adoption date is the beginning of June 2016).


Many permits that were issued last year have not had their initial site review to determine deficiencies and required corrections.  These permits expired October 31, 2015 and must have immediate inspections to proceed.  If no site visits are done then demolitions may be pending.


There are still several permits which have been ready to issue since last fall and have not yet been paid for, issued and followed through with site inspections.  These structures too will be scheduled for demolition.


Those leaseholders that have had their initial inspections and determined remedial work have had their permits extended to June 30, 2016 to allow them an opportunity to do the necessary corrections.  Further extensions will be granted on an as needed basis dependent on the situation.  


Site visits will be made by the Building Official two to three times per month.  The scheduled days will be posted on the Kennedy Lake page, under Building Permits on the RDOS website.  

Kennedy Lake Lease Lots Map

Documents / Links

Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

RDOS Building Bylaw #2333 can be found here.

A link to Zoning Bylaw #2498 can be found here.




Application Payments

Please mail your application(s) with the construction plans & supporting documentation to our office at:

101 Martin Street, Penticton, BC V2A 5J9

You can include a cheque for the $150 application fee, or you can pay with a credit card using our secure on-line payment system.

On-line Payment Option

RDOS website at Choose Make a Payment from the direct links on the green ribbon in the middle of the page, just under the changing photograph. How to Make a Payment, Payment Options, choose Pay Online. Input the required information & under Department You Wish to Pay“Building DepartmentIn the box, Your Comments, please type Kennedy Lake, your name and location of structure. Then click the Next box at the bottom of the page.




Interior Health Authority Information

Boil Water Notice has been placed on the Kennedy Lake Resort by the Interior Health Authority.


Guidelines on Privies (outhouse/pit toilet).