EOC Update: Evacuation Orders and Alerts rescinded, continued supports

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The imminent threat from the flooding due to the atmospheric event in November and the ice jams in December has passed. All evacuation orders and alerts issued between November and December 2021 have been rescinded.

View the Evacuation Order and Alert RESCIND notice.

Supports are available through Red Cross for those unable to return home. Red Cross Case Management is also available to assist people on their route to recovery. A list of other additional supports is provided below.

Now is the time to prepare your property and home for spring freshet. Freshet occurs when winter snow packs melt rapidly, overwhelming stream channels and creating floods. Spring freshet can also destabilize soil and rock, causing mudslides, landslides and rock slides. If you have experienced flooding in the past, consider creating a flooding plan.

Additional Support
• Princeton Resiliency Centre – 137 Tapton Avenue (Beaupre Building) remains open. Check the Facebook page for hours of operation.

Services at the Resiliency Centre include:
• In-person Red Cross representatives for mental health and wellness support
• Information about volunteer groups to assist with mucking out and repairing homes

Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA)

Questions about the recovery process can be directed to Trevor Kier, RDOS Recovery Manager at recoverymanager@rdos.bc.ca

Issued by EOC Director

Please visit the RDOS EOC website for resource links and information updates: https://emergency.rdos.bc.ca/resources

Interactive Map of RDOS Evacuation Orders and Alerts: