EOC Update: Evacuation ORDER issued for Electoral Area B (Chopaka) Dec 1 2021 4:45 pm

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Pursuant to the Emergency Program Act, an Evacuation ORDER has been issued by the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) due to the immediate danger to life and property due to flooding along the Similkameen River in Electoral Area B, evacuation of properties in Schedule 1 is to commence immediately.

RCMP will be expediting this action.

The Evacuation Order is in effect for the following property listed in Schedules 1 and 2.

Schedule 1 – List of properties

Plan KAPDD1315, District Lot 1186, Similkameen Div of Yale Land District

District Lot 1186, Similkameen Div of Yale Land District, Except Plan B1006 B6433 DD1315

“Mark Pendergraft”

Mark Pendergraft, Chair
Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen

See Map Below

Please visit the RDOS EOC website for resource links and information updates: https://emergency.rdos.bc.ca/resources/

Interactive Map of RDOS Evacuation Orders and Alerts: https://emergency.rdos.bc.ca/interactive-map/

Schedule 2 - Map of properties

 20211201 1630 Evacuation Order Map chopaka


  • All evacuees are asked to register online with the Emergency Support Services (ESS) Evacuee Registration & Assistance (ERA) tool to report you have left the area, even if you do not require referrals such as housing or other services: ess.gov.bc.ca
  • Due to a shortage of hotel accommodations, please consider making arrangements to stay with family or friends if possible. Take pets with you if you can.
  • If you require services or information, please contact Emergency Support Services if you are unable to register online: 1-833-498-3770
  • If you have pets or livestock that need to be cared for and billeted, please contact Animal Lifeline Emergency Response Team (ALERT) for support: 250-809-7152

Emergency Support Services (ESS) volunteers will be able to assist you to meet your basic needs by providing services for up to 72 hours. This may include coordinating food, clothing, lodging and transportation.

  • Within the RDOS area – ALERT provides assistance with pet and animal care.
  • Beyond 72 hours, ESS volunteers may provide additional support or referral to the Canadian Red Cross.
  • An ESS volunteer will return your call within 24-48 hours.

Once you are evacuated from your home, if you have not already done so, please register for CivicReady to receive notifications by phone, email and text.

Once you are evacuated from your home, if you have not already done so, please register for Voyent Alert!  to receive notifications by phone, email and text, or download the app. 



  • You must leave the area immediately.
  • Follow directions of emergency responders and travel designated or safest route available.
  • Register as an evacuee at the designated Reception Centre or online: ess.gov.bc.ca
  • If you need transportation assistance from evacuation area, call RDOS EOC: 250-490-4225
  • Shut off all gas and electrical appliances, other than refrigerators and freezers.
  • Close all windows and doors.
  • Please store your Firearms in accordance with Section 118 of the Firearms Act.
  • Close gates (latch) but do not lock.
  • Gather your family and, if you have room, take a neighbor or someone needing transportation.  Do not use more vehicles than you have to.
  • If you identify as having extraordinary needs, contact RDOS EOC for assistance.
  • Take critical items only if they are immediately available:
    • government-issued ID
    • medications
    • eyeglasses
    • valuable papers (e.g. insurance, credit, and mortgage information)
    • immediate care needs for dependents
  • Take pets in pet kennels or on leash.
  • Pet owners and hobby farmers with concerns for their animals should make arrangements when an Evacuation Alert is issued.

Animal Emergency Response Team (ALERT) can help: 250-809-7152

    • Farmers who require assistance, please call RDOS EOC: 250-490-4225
  • Do not use the telephone unless you need emergency service.