EOC Update: Respect Area Restrictions and other considerations for the Long Weekend

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The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen Emergency Operations Centre (RDOS EOC) is reminding residents and visitors in the region to remain vigilant and ensure their activities do not spark any new fires or impede ongoing firefighting operations.

A campfire ban is in effect throughout the Interior and Area Restrictions are in place for several wildfires in the vicinity. Hiking trails and backroads are included in Area Restriction notices; you must avoid these areas when restrictions are in place. Failing to adhere to restrictions can lead to serious fines and penalties. The restrictions below will remain in effect until October 15, 2021 unless otherwise rescinded.

Area Restrictions are currently in effect for:

Visit the BCWS Bans and Restrictions webpage for more information about current area restrictions.


Penticton Indian Band (PIB) has issued a Band Council Resolution for an area restriction that applies only to PIB lands. Please respect the notice and stay out of the area while fire crews are working.


Considerations during wildfire events

Off-road vehicle use:

  • Anyone riding an all-terrain vehicle on or within 300 metres of forested land or rangeland must have a spark arrestor installed on the vehicle.
  • To help reduce wildfire risks, check the condition of the muffler, regularly clear buildups of grass or other vegetation from hot spots, stay on dirt paths, and avoid tall grass and weeds. 

Use of boats and other watercraft where firefighting aircraft are in use:

  • When firefighting aircraft, such as airtankers or helicopters, are working on an active wildfire and picking up water from nearby lakes, they need plenty of room to maneuver to do their job safely. Recreational boaters or people using other watercraft who try to get a close look at these aircraft present a serious safety risk for air crews and anyone else in the area.
  • This behaviour is extremely dangerous and interferes with the BCWS ability to fight a fire, since a pilot cannot collect water when surface craft are in the aircraft’s intended flight path.
  • In the interest of air crew and public safety, use common sense and keep boats well away from areas where airtankers or helicopters are operating.
  • People operating a watercraft where firefighting aircraft are working could receive a violation ticket under the Wildfire Act that carries a fine of $1,150 or could be assessed an administrative penalty of up to $100,000

Issued by EOC Director