Olalla Water System
Engineering Projects and Reports

Engineering Projects and Updates:

A large part of the Olalla Water System was upgraded in 1998/1999 which included construction of a new well with pump, a concrete reservoir, a pump house complete with electrical controls and various watermain replacements. The remaining older watermains will now be upgraded to further the efforts of reducing leakage within the Olalla Water System.

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reservoir downside Olalla

In September of 2015 the Regional District initiated Olalla Water System upgrades.  The construction of the watermains was completed in phases.  Phase 1 of the replacement project occurred in 2016 and Phase 2 was completed in 2017.  

The other upgrade for the Olalla Water System was the communication system. There were frequent issues with the current system causing RDOS operations staff to spend valuable time with false alarms and troubleshooting.  In 2016, the Regional District upgraded the communications system and installed transfer switch to allow for a portable generator connection in the case of a power outage ensuring delivery of water to the Olalla system users.

In 2019, the Regional District initiated the insallation of a permanent back-up generator at the pump station. Work is underway and the generator has an expected arrival date in February 2020. 

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Planned work for 2020 also includes design of the remaining old watermain still in need of replacement in preparation for a future infrastructure grant opportunity.

The Regional District continues to strive to develop an environmentally sustainable community and meet public needs through the development and implementation of key services.