Temporay Use Permit Application

Project No: D2016.094-TUP
Project Type:Temporary Use Permit
Application Date:September 16, 2016
Application Contact:

Bar T5 Trailers North Inc. 

Civic Address: 1146 Highway 3A, Twin Lakes
Purpose:Display and sales of trailers and equipment
RDOS Contact:Evelyn Riechert
250-490-4204 / eriechert@rdos.bc.ca
DocumentsPublic ConsultationRegional District Board Consideration

Application Package

Site Plan



Draft TUP:

TUP No. D2016.094-TUP

Advisory Planning Commission (APC):

Agenda - October 11, 2016
Administrative Report



Administrative Report


Current Status: Application was approved by the Board at its meeting of December 15, 2016