Electoral Area H

Current Rezoning Proposals

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
H2018.193-ZONEDylan Anderson
(OTG Developments Limited)
5021 Highway 97C

To allow for a service station, drive-thru restaurant, commercial cardlock facility and highway maintenance yard (“outdoor storage”).

H2019.002-ZONENot applicable
Not applicable
(textual amendments)

To allow cannabis production facilities in the Industrial zones, and to correct a typographical error in a site specific zoning.

Completed Rezoning Proposals

Project No.Zoning Bylaw No.OCP Bylaw No. AddressSummary
H-13-01113.0002498.01, 20132497.01, 2013
H2013.088-ZONE2498.02, 2014-
H2014.005-ZONE2498.03, 20142497.02, 2014
H2014.010-ZONE2498.04, 20142497.03, 2014
H2014.038-ZONE2498.05, 20142497.04, 2014
H2014.059-ZONE2498.07, 20142497.05, 2014
H2014.099-ZONE2498.08, 20162497.06, 2016
H2015.077-ZONE2498.09, 2015-
H2016.030-ZONE2498.10, 20162497.07, 2016N/AUpdate Electoral Area Boundaries.
H2017.23-ZONE2498.11, 2017-4800 TeePee Lakes RoadAllow for 12 seasonal cabins
H2017.038-ZONE2498.12, 2017-3492 Princeton-Summerland RoadAllow for 5 RVs on subject property
H2017.049-ZONE2498.13, 20172497.08, 2017161 6th Street, TulameenFormalise existing dwelling unit
H2018.088-ZONE2498.14, 2018-691 Highway 3, PrincetonTo remove site specific zoning limiting use of the property to log and wood product processing uses (WITHDRAWN).
H2018.084-ZONE2498.15, 20182497.09, 2018Not applicable
To rezone to Parks and Recreation (PR) to reflect public use of lands