The Future is Rooted in the Past

Hedley c. 1938. Photo courtesy of Hedley Heritage Museum Society.

Celebrating Heritage in the RDOS

The RDOS Board recognizes the tremendous value and diversity in historically and culturally significant buildings, monuments and landscapes, along with intangible heritage.

The RDOS heritage program has three main components:

Regional Heritage Strategic Plan (completed Fall 2015)

In the spring of 2014, the RDOS began working on developing a strategic plan for heritage - the final plan has been completed and adopted by the Board. Staff are currently working on the implementation strategy for 2016. There are a round of Open Houses planned for early 2016 to roll out the plan - stay tuned for dates and locations!

Heritage Register

The RDOS Heritage Register is the cornerstone of the region's heritage program. It provides an inventory of sites in the RDOS that have historical, cultural, aesthetic, scientific, or educational worth. As part of the implementation strategy for the Regional Heritage Strategic Plan, RDOS staff will be adding sites to the register identified during the public engagement sessions.

Public Education

The RDOS is always seeking to help increase the visibility of the region's significant historical sites, and increases public awareness of our heritage and history. The RDOS works in partnership with a number of heritage groups to provide support in grant writing, interpretive signage and promotion of local events. If you have a heritage program or event that you would like advertised through the RDOS, please email: