To Obtain a Building Permit

Effective Friday, March 20, 2020 the RDOS office in Penticton & the Riverside Centre office in Princeton have been closed to the public due to the COVID-19 response.

Building Officials and staff will be available only by telephone & email. 

General Inquiries: 250-490-4205 or

Area ‘H’/Rural Princeton: Aaron Hough 250-295-6685 or



Inspections will continue under special arrangements (i.e. limiting the number of people present at time of inspection).  Please continue to call the Inspection Request Line at 250-490-4100 to arrange an inspection.


Apply for a Building Permit

Building Permit applications can be sent via regular post or courier; emailed to; or delivered to the RDOS office at 101 Martin St, Penticton (drop off location at front entrance).
All supporting documentation must be received as one complete package. Only complete applications will be processed.



Payments can be made by cheque (drop-off or mail) or
On-line at - Make a Payment


Building Inspection Information Notice March 20, 2020

RDOS Building Bylaw

It is recommended that all applicants review Building Bylaw 2805 before submitting an application for a building permit, as well as the applicable zoning bylaw. 

Click here to access zoning bylaws under Planning.

Building Permit Fees

  • RDOS Fees and Charges Bylaw 2787
    • Application fee - $150 or $500 (if value of project is higher than $100,000).  This fee will be deducted from cost of building permit.
    • Building Permit - see Fee Schedule (minimum $150)
    • Farm Building Permit (not Exemption Permit) - $250
    • Siting (placement) of storage container - $150
    • Temporary Building/Structure (not more than one year) - $150
    • Demolition of building or structure - $150
    • Solid Fuel Burning Device - $100 per appliance
    • Plumbing Permit - $10 per fixture when in conjunction with a building permit and $10 per fixture plus an administrative fee of $100 when a plumbing permit is issued separately.
    • Re-inspection Fee - $100
    • Permit Extension Fee - $100
    • Permit Transfer Fee - $100
    • Information Retrieval from file - $30
    • Digital copy of permit file - $15
    • File Search - $100
    • Comfort Letter - $100
    • Removal of bylaw infraction Notice on title - Deficiency Inspection permit & removal of Notice from title $1000 (if RDOS lawyer not involved) or $1500 (if RDOS lawyer involved).
    • Re-inspection - $100
    • Health & Safety Inspection for vacation rental TUP - $100

    Construction commenced without a permit will be assessed an additional charge equal to 25% of the building permit fee as prescribed in the Fees and Charges Bylaw prior to obtaining the required building permit. If a Stop Work Notice or Do Not Occupy Notice is issued and remains outstanding for 14 days, double the fee prescribed in the Fees and Charges Bylaw with no limit.


Applications will not be processed and no building permit will be issued without the following:

  1. Non-refundable application fee of either $150 or $500 (if value of project is greater than $100,000). The application fee will be applied towards the building permit fee.
  2. Completed application form accompanied by a duly signed Owner's Undertaking.
  3. Current (no older than 30 days) copy of "State of Title Certificate" (or a Title search)
  4. Copies of any easements, rights of ways, and/or covenants registered on the title.
  5. Copies of any approvals required under any enactment including sewage disposal permits, highway access permits and Ministry of Health approval.
  6. Two sets of building plans at a suitable scale which will include:
    1. Floor plan, basement plan, foundation plan (all rooms must be identified)
    2. Elevation plans, front and back, both side views (identify natural and finished grade)
    3. Cross section through the building illustrating foundations, drainage, ceiling heights and construction systems
    4. Site plan showing dimensions and locations of all buildings on subject property.
    *Note: If a Professional Engineer is involved with any part of the project, Schedule B's must be submitted at the time of application. If a manufactured home is being installed, it must have CSA Z-240 certification.
  7. Letter of Authorization signed by the applicant and authorized agent if the applicant is not the registered owner of the property.
  8. BC Housing New Home Registration Form is required for all new dwellings. A building permit application cannot be accepted without a New Home Registration Form. Check their website at

CHECKLIST - Building Permit Application checklist

Important - Riparian Area Regulations (setback from water courses)

Farm Buildings

(permit must be issued before construction can start)

Farm Building Exemption Permit – exempt from fees & inspections

  • Low human occupancy farm buildings less than 20 m2 (215 ft2)
  • Unenclosed hay storage structures or animal shelters less than 600 m2 (6458 ft2)
  •  Greenhouses up to 190 m2 (2045 ft2) used for production of agricultural and horticultural produce or fees

Farm Building Permit - $250 fee

  •  Bona fide farm building less than 600 m2 (6458 ft2), designed for low human occupancy and located on land classed as farm under the Assessment Act (does not include covered riding arenas, structures associated with cannabis production, structures associated with the production of manufactured derivatives from agricultural raw materials (wine, sausages, fruit leathers, jams, etc) or structures which may be used for assembly occupancies

Farm building means a building or part thereof which does not contain a residential occupancy and is located on land dedicated to farming and is used exclusively for the housing of equipment or livestock, or the growing or production, storage or processing of agricultural and horticultural produce or feeds.

Farm Building Application

Please note that applications for farm buildings or exemptions MUST be accompanied by a site plan showing the location & size of all buildings on the property, floor plan showing use, elevation drawing showing height to highest point, a current title search and copies of all covenants, easements and rights of way registered on the title. The RDOS can obtain the title & legal documents for the applicant if necessary. All associated fees must be paid before Exemption/Permit can be issued.

    Applications for Demolitions

    Applications for permits to authorize demolition or removal of a building or structure, must include a Waste Disposal Plan. Permits will not be issued until the disposal plan is approved by the Regional District's Public Works department. A current title search and 2 copies of a site plan are also required. A title search can be obtained from the RDOS for a fee of $25.

    Demolition applications cost $150.  The owner must prove compliance with the approved disposal plan and pass an inspection of the demolition site by a building official.

    Demolition Permit application

    For information on Landfill Waste Disposal Application (to allow demolition & renovation waste to be received at an RDOS landfill) please see the RDOS Public Works - Solid Waste - Demolition, Renovation & Construction Waste Information page or phone 250-490-4144

    Applications for Complex Buildings

    In addition to the above requirements, applications for complex buildings must include a letter of assurance in the form of Schedule A, Building Code analysis, and letters of assurance (Schedule B) for each registered professional required on the project.

    Prior to applying for a Building Permit the Regional District cautions that the applicant should check to ensure that the applicant is not in violation of any other RDOS regulations, Commission Order, Provincial Legislation or Statute. See "Other Contacts".

    Solid Fuel Burning Appliance

    Permit application for:

    • factory built solid fuel burning applicance such as a wood stove;
    • masonry fireplace;
    • chimney;

    The fee for permit is $100.

    Any solid fuel burning applicance must be installed per the manufacturer's specifications.

    Application form for a Solid Fuel Burning Appliance