Electoral Area D2

Current Rezoning Proposals

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
D2014.135-ZONERDOS(various)Hillside / Steep Slope DP Area Update.
D2018.013-ZONERDOS781 Highway 97, OK FallsTo replace Land Use Contract No. LU-12-D-76 with a Small Holdings Four (SH4) Zone.
D2018.066-ZONEBrad Elenko
(McElhanney Consulting Services Inc)
4850 Weyerhaeuser RoadTo allow for an approximately 50 site Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park.

Current Temporay Use Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary

Completed Development Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
D2018.064-IDPSunniva Medical Inc.1655 Maple Street, OK FallsTo develop a "17 acre greenhouse, production and administrative building".

Completed Rezoning Proposals

Project No.Zoning Bylaw No.OCP Bylaw No. AddressSummary
D-07-06800.9901801.11, 2008-159 Christie Mountain LaneAmend the definition of "height" as applied to the subject property
RD 421801.15, 20081708.07, 2008N/AIntroduction of 1.0 ha requirement for subdivision of un-serviced parcels
D-08-2924.001801.18, 2008-3860 & 3875 McLean Cree Road, OK FallsTo allow for a 2 lot subdivision
D-07-03618.1002455.01, 20112454.01, 2011153 Eastside RoadTo allow for a 3-lot subdivision
D-09-06752.1502455.02, 2009-135 Saliken DriveTo allow for an accessory dwelling unit (DENIED)
D-08-00998.0932455.03, 20082454.03, 20091021, 1025 1033 Ash Street, and 1036 & 1040 Willow Street, OK FallsTo allow the development of multi-dwelling units
D-08-03595.0102455.04, 2009-3670 McLean Creek Road, OK FallsTo allow the subdivision and donation of part of the property for conservation purposes
D-09-02508.3762455.05, 20102454.04, 20102084 Pinewinds Place, OK FallsTo allow a residential alcohol treatment centre (WITHDRAWN)
D-09-03459.0302455.06, 20092454.02, 20091631 Maple Street, OK FallsTo develop a facility for the central operations of a regional recycling business
D-10-03647.2302455.08, 20112454.05, 2011187 Racette Way, OK FallsTo allow the subdivision and donation of part of the property for conservation purposes
D-10-03461.0052455.09, 20132454.06, 20134505 McLean Creek Road, OK FallsTo allow for expansion of adjacent manufactured home park
D-13-08023.0002455.10, 20132454.07, 20133500 Highway 97To allow for a 12 lot subdivision (WITHDRAWN)
D-12-00998.0882455.11, 20132454.08, 20131308 Cedar Street, OK FallsTo rezong from RS1 to RM2 in order to allow for a 25 unit townhouse development.
D-12-06802.1052455.12, 2013-4720 Allendale Road, OK FallsIncrease the floor area of a winery, bistro/lounge area and accessory dwelling unit.
D2013.069-ZONE2455.14, 2014-716 Mosley Place, OK FallsTo allow a secondary suite
D2013.092-ZONE2455.15, 2014-283 One Quail Place, OK FallsTo allow a secondary suite
D2014.033-ZONE2455.16, 20152603.01, 2015N/ATextual Amendments to zoning bylaws
D2014.036-ZONE2455.17, 20152603.02, 20152170 Highway 97, OK FallsRezone property from AG3 to part AG1 and part SH1 to allow subdivision
D2014.043-ZONE2455.18, 2014-605 Willow Street, OK FallsFormalise "single detached dwelling" in CT1 Zone (WITHDRAWN)
D2015.020-ZONE2455.19, 20152603.06, 2015"Heritage Hills" neighbourhood"Voluntary Discharge" of LUC No. LU-3-D
D2015.020-ZONE2455.20, 20152603.06, 2015"Heritage Hills" neighbourhood"Early Termination" of LUC No. LU-3-D
D2015.021-ZONE2455.21, 20152603.05, 2016"Vintage Views" neighbourhood"Voluntary Discharge" of LUC No. LU-3-D
D2015.021-ZONE2455.22, 20152603.05, 2016"Vintage Views" neighbourhood"Early Termination" of LUC No. LU-3-D
D2015.128-ZONE2455.23, 20162603.07, 2016District Lot 461, SDYD
(near Skaha Estates)
Rezone from LH to AG1 to allow 1-lot subdivision
D2016.002-ZONE2455.24, 20162603.08, 2016(various)Update of Commercial Zones
D2016.019-ZONE2455.25, 2016-130 Apple Court, Heritage HillsDischarge of Land Use Contract
D2016.106-ZONE2455.262603.081830 Alba Road, OK FallsRezone from C7 to RS3 to allow a 66 lot subdivision (WITHDRAWN)
D2017.014-ZONE2455.27, 20172603.10, 2017170 Sunnybrook DriveRezone from SH5s to RS1 to allow for a 3-lot subdivision.
D2017.062-ZONE2455.28, 2017-2027 Carmi AvenueAllow a "kennel" as a permitted accessory use in SH1 Zone
D2017.090-ZONE2455.29, 2017-4820 9th Avenue, OK FallsRezone from C3 to RS3 to allow residential development.
D2017.148-ZONE2455.31, 2017-2128 Beaverdell RoadTo facilitate a 3 lot subdivision
D2018.028-ZONE2455.33, 2018-102 Saliken DriveTo allow for an accessory dwelling (i.e. "carriage house).
D2018.041-ZONE2455.34, 2018-4838, 4839, 4844, 4845, 4849 & 4850 Bassett AvenueTo allow for the development duplexes (WITHDRAWN)
D2018.044-ZONE2455.35, 2018-1752 Alba Road, OK FallsTo allow a second kitchen in a principal dwelling unit.
D2018.052-ZONE2455.36, 2018-737 Main Street, OK FallsTo restore a duplex zoning to the subject property

Completed Temporary Use Permits

Project No.ProponentAddressSummaryPermit Expiry
D2018.054-TUPGreyback Construction Limited (obo South Skaha Housing Society)5080 9th Avenue, Okanagan FallsTo allow for residential use of ground floor units in the Okanagan Falls Town Centre (C3) ZoneJune 7, 2021