Resident Survey

Resident Survey Results

Resident Survey, Electoral Area B

Dear Electoral Area B Resident:

To provide residents an opportunity to share their opinion regarding services and community planning I am requesting your participation in this Citizen Survey.

Your answers to the survey questions will assist me to evaluate whether to implement the services or community plan to enhance and protect the quality of life in Electoral Area B.

Your response will remain completely anonymous.

Please spend a few minutes answering all the questions by August 3, 2010.

Thank you for your time!

George Hanson, Electoral Area B Director


The following services and community plan are under consideration for Electoral Area B:

1. Open Air Burning Bylaw

2. Good Neighbor Bylaw (Untidy/Unsightly Premises)

3. Sign Bylaw

4. Official Community Plan

Open Air Burning Bylaw (Keremeos Fire Protection Area only)

Improving air quality for area residents by eliminating the burning of toxic substances such as plastic, pesticides, rubber, and other prohibited materials is a step towards reducing hazardous health effects, smoke and wildfires. Residents living in the Keremeos Fire Protection Area would be required to follow certain regulations which include:

1. Obtain a burn permit from the Regional District

2. Only permitted burning materials (no garbage burning)

3. Burning only on “good” venting days

4. No burn barrels

Good Neighbor Bylaw (Untidy/Unsightly Premises)

A Good Neighbor Bylaw (Untidy/Unsightly Premises) is intended to encourage the orderly maintenance of properties and stop them from becoming a nuisance or unsightly. Residents in Area B desire neighborhoods that are clear of accumulated piles of refuse, derelict vehicles, pools of standing water that can breed mosquitoes, noxious weeds, brush and very long grass. Once a complaint(s) about a property is investigated and confirmed, the Regional District could order a cleanup or remediation at the property owner’s cost.

Sign Bylaw

The Regional District regulates signage within Zoning Bylaws. Electoral Area B does not have a Zoning Bylaw to provide regulations to manage signage in certain areas. Consideration to adopt a Sign Bylaw, within Area B, to protect the visual appearance of land and buildings from the effects of signs which may be inappropriate relating to size or location in certain areas.

Official Community Plan

An OCP strives to recognize the challenges of the community to balance the needs and desires of the residents and landowners with those of the surrounding area. In its simplest form, an OCP is a document that describes an area's long-term plans for growth and how these plans will be realized. An OCP also provides a level of assurance that something inconsistent with this long-term plan will have a full public review and plan amendment, before being allowed to proceed. This gives a measure of predictability for residents and businesses in how the Board handles decisions in critical areas like land use and habitat protection. Plans are proactive as well as regulatory, meaning that they provide order and structure but are foremost open to creative, desirable proposals that foster positive change in the community.