Sandbag and Flood Debris Removal

Flood And Debris Cleanup Consent Form

Sandbag Reporting Application

Debris Reporting Form

Sandbags - Fill in Online Application for Help Removing

Keep Sandbags in Place Along Foreshore

Due to high lake levels, sandbags along the foreshore and properties along to mouths of creeks are expected to remain in place for an extended time. As lake levels drop, local governments will help advise property owners when it is safe to remove.

Don't empty sandbags in waterways or beaches

Sandbags should not be emptied into any creeks, lakes, wetland, beaches or other watercourses as outlined in the Water Sustainability Act. Sand and silt can destroy fish habitat and affect water supply, infrastructure, flood control, navigation and recreational activities. Report violations to Natural Resource at 1 877-952-7277, (Option 2) toll-free or #7277 on a cellphone.

The foreshores of the lakes in the Okanagan are habitat for many endangered or rare species, and any extra sand could seriously affect these ecosystems. Residents are advised to ensure all sandbags are made available for collection and not to redeploy in the future particularly within a riparian area near waterways.

Fill in Application for Help to Remove Sandbags

Emergency Management BC has launched a digital tool to help inventory the number, location and type of the sandbags on private and public property. This data will be used for planning to help property owners remove sandbags.

Residents with sandbags are requested to fill in the Emergency Management BC application. People can get help filling in the application by calling the RDOS Emergency Operation Centre at 250-490-4225.


  • Make sure you allow the app to access your current location.
  • Click Start.
  • Fill in prompt boxes with information including the number, type of sandbags, name, phone number, photos (if desired) and comments.
  • Complete all questions and click Submit.

Personal information added into the app such as the name, phone number and comments will not show publicly on the map.

As information and timeline for removal of sandbags becomes available it will be posted at

Help to Remove Artificial Debris Removal from Okanagan Lake

Planning is currently underway to remove large, loose artificial debris from the shore of Okanagan Lake. This will include public and private property. The activity is fully funded by the Province of British Columbia as a part of the 2017 flood response.

Artificial debris includes sections of docks, lumber, barrels or man made garbage. It does not include trees, logs, sticks, leaves or other natural debris.

Private property owners that have artificial debris such as dock sections or lumber that they would like removed are asked to complete a Debris Feedback Form for submission to the RDOS Emergency Operations Centre at