Regional Water Studies

Numerous water systems exist within the RDOS boundary that are not owned or operated by the RDOS. Various studies have been conducted over the years by the RDOS for several of these water systems.

Click on the following communities to see what studies have been completed for the local water systems.


Osoyoos (Irrigation District)


Westbench (Irrigation District)

Twin Lakes (Lower Nipit Irrigation District)

  • Click to view report: Twin Lakes Aquifer Capacity Study
    Completed by Summit Environmental Consultants, May 2010
    • Figures for the Report
    • Appendix A & C - A: Environmental Memo
      C: Explanation of the OBWB Groundwater Balance Analysis Tool
    • Appendix D - Frequently Asked Questions
    • Additional Appendices - available on request
      (these files are too large to post for viewing)