Electoral Area E Naramata Parks & Recreation Commission

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Manitou Park

Naramata Parks & Recreation Commission advises on matters that pertain to Naramata Parks and Trails.  To be eligible members must be a resident of Electoral Area "E" (Naramata).  The Recreation Commission Establishment Bylaw 2108, 2001 is available on the Regional District website or by contacting the Community Services Department. 

Naramata Parks & Recreation Commission
 Karla KozakivichDirector 
1Dennis SmithChair28-Feb-17
2Jim PearmainVice-Chair28-Feb-18
3Darren RettieTreasurer28-Feb-17
4Jeff GagnonMember28-Feb-17
5Lyle ReshMember28-Feb-18
6Maureen BalcaenMember28-Feb-18
7Deborah LintonMember28-Feb-17

Recreation Coordinator

Jill Doroshuk
Email: Naramata_rec@rdos.bc.ca
Phone (250) 490-4208
Fax (250) 496-5776

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(250) 490-4208

Electoral Area 'E' Parks & Recreation Commission

Bylaw 2108, 2001