Electoral Area B Kobau Parks & Recreation Commission

Recreation Commission Members

The Regional District is accepting applications to fill vacant position to the Area ‘B’ Kobau Parks & Recreation Commission.  The Commission advises on matters that pertain to Kobau Park.  To be eligible members must be a reside within Electoral Area ‘B’ (Cawston), Area ‘G’ (Hedley), or the Village of Keremeos [the majority of members will reside in Area ‘B’].  The Electoral Area Director will review all applications and recommend appointments to the Regional District Board.  Electoral Area ‘B’ Parks & Recreation Commission Establishment Bylaw 2270, 2004 is available on the Regional District website or by contacting the Community Services Department.


Interested residents may submit their name and brief resume to Mark Woods, Community Services Manager at mwoods@rdos.bc.ca or through the contact information below.

Area 'B' Kobau Parks & Recreation Commission
 George BushDirector 
1Marie MarvenChair31-Dec-16
2Deanna GibbsSecretary31-Dec-16
3Bob McAtamneyMember 31-Dec-16 
4Tammy VesperMember31-Dec-16
5Sonjia Vanden HoekMember31-Dec-17
6 Doug McLeodMember 31-Dec-17
7Marc LepageMember31-Dec-17 
Kobau Parks & Recreation Commission

Marie Marven, Chair
Email: mmarven@nethop.net

Electoral Area 'B' Parks & Recreation Commission

Bylaw 2270, 2004