What is a subdivision?

A subdivision is the process of dividing land into two or more legal parcels. Lot line adjustments between 2 or more separate parcels which do not create additional parcels (boundary adjustment) are also considered subdivisions.

How to apply for a subdivision?

All applications for subdivision in rural areas (those areas outside a municipality) must be submitted to the Ministry of Transportation. This Ministry is the approving authority for all subdivisions in these areas. The Ministry of Transportation then refers all applications to a variety of other provincial and public agencies, including the Regional District, for comments.

It is advisable to discuss your subdivision proposal with both the Ministry of Transportation and the Regional District before submitting an application.

How will Notification of Approval or Denial be given?

The Ministry of Transportation provides the final approving authority for subdivisions in rural areas. Once the Ministry of Transportation has received responses from the referral agencies the Ministry will determine the subdivision application approval. The Ministry will issue either a Preliminary Layout Approved (PLA) or a Preliminary Layout Not Approved (PLNA). In either case the Ministry will inform you what is still needed to complete your subdivision.