What We Do

Protecting public safety is the priority of government. Municipalities and Regional Districts have emergency plans in place to protect their citizens. The province assists local government in being prepared before disaster strikes and will activate the provincial emergency management structure to support local emergency operations centers (EOC) during emergencies.

The Regional District is the lead agency for emergency management in the South Okanagan and Similkameen. Recently the member municipalities within the RDOS joined the Regional District in one integrated emergency program. Now, municipal and regional district staff along with volunteers, first responders, first nations and non government agencies plan, train and exercise together to be ready for the next large scale emergency or disaster.

When required by first responders, an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be opened by the Regional District to support the emergency or disaster. An EOC is responsible for various duties such as declaring a state of local emergency, coordinating multiple agencies, providing media releases and managing evacuees.

Within the RDOS there are many protective services organizations that you can get involved with, such as Fire Departments, Emergency Social Services, Search and Rescue, Amateur Radio, Canadian Disaster Animal Response and community emergency planning committees.