Built in 1993, the Faulder Water System is located 12 kilometers west of Summerland. Water is pumped from a deep ground well (known as a ground water source) through the distribution system to a storage reservoir with no chemical treatment.

Faulder Water System Updates

2013- Information Update - June 14.2013

2012 - Faulder Water Quality Advisory for Uranium remains in effect.

Information regarding the proposed Summerland option:

The design of the pipeline to link the Faulder community to the District of Summerland's water system has produced some unexpected cost estimates. The RDOS has questioned these costs and has considered the other possible ooptions. The following reports provide the layout for the pipe line design and the investigation of Ranney well option.

"Faulder Water System Supply Upgrade" Preliminary (50% complete) Waterline drawings by Focus Corporation dated September 2010.

"Review of Infiltration Gallery - Ranney Well Option" by AECOM dated December 2010.

Newsletter - December 2010 Click here...

Newsletter - April 2010 Click here ....

Presentation given by the RDOS at the April 12th community meeting. Click here ....

March 2010: Report discussing the conceptual layout of the project pipeline and includes cost benefit for both Faulder and Summerland communities. To review full report...

March 9, 2010: Summerland has approved in principle a proposal from the Regional District to provide the residents of Faulder with treated domestic water from the Summerland water treatment and distribution system. Check out the full press release from the District of Summerland

Faulder Water Quality Reports

2011 Annual Report

Faulder Watering Restrictions

2014 Faulder Watering Restrictions

New Water Services

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