Other Contacts

Prior to applying for a Building Permit the Regional District cautions that the applicant should check to ensure that the applicant is not in violation of any other RDOS regulations, Commission Order, Provincial Legislation or Statute.

BC Building Code

2006 edition: Copies can be found at the library, or contact Crown Publications Inc., 521 Fort Street, Victoria, B.C. V8W 1E7
Telephone: (250) 386-4636 Fax (250) 386-0221
Website: www.crownpub.bc.ca ($120 + taxes)

For Septic Regulation Information

Penticton Health Protection

105 – 550 Carmi Ave

Penticton, BC V2A 3G6

Tel: 250-770-5540 Fax: 250-770-5541


Ministry of Transportation

102 Industrial Place, Penticton, B.C. V2A 7C8
Telephone (250) 490-8200
*Note - effective July 15, 2002 permits for construction of single family residential accesses on side roads outside municipalities are no longer required or issued by the Ministry of Transportation. See guidelines for construction of a safe access: www.gov.bc.ca/tran

BC Assessment Authority

#202 - 1500 Hardy St. Kelowna, BC
Telephone: (250) 763-4455
Website: http://www.bcassessment.ca/Pages/default.aspx 

BC Safety Authority (electrical/gas/boiler/elevating devices)

#2-1101 Main Street, Penticton, B.C. V2A 5E6

Office Phone: (250) 487-4485

Toll Free: 1-866-566-7233 (7am - 9pm)


Local Government Act


Homeowner Protection Office

#650 - 4789 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 0A3

Telephone: (604) 646-7050, Toll-free: 1-800-407-7757
Fax: (604) 646-7051
E-mail: hpo@hpo.bc.ca
Website: www.hpo.bc.ca

Plot Plan / Survey Plan / Title Search / Document (covenant, easement, right of way) Search

Service BC/Government Agent & BC Assessment offices are no longer providing these services to the public.

In order to obtain a plot or survey plan or a title search or get a covenant/ easement/ right of way for a property, your options are:

  • use a Registry Agent Company;

  • real estate professionals such as lawyers, notaries, land surveyors or real estate agents;

  • contact the Land Titles Office in Kamloops via Enquiry BC 1-800-663-7867;

  • or by creating your own account with the BC Land Title & Survey Authority (LTSA). Access LTSA through their web-site at www.ltsa.ca/cms/general-public.

You will need the Parcel Identifier Number (PID) or complete legal description of the property to proceed.  A street or civic address is not enough.  You can obtain a property PID number from the RDOS website (www.rdos.bc.ca) under Parcel Mapping or by contacting a staff member.