Forms & Sample Documents

Application for Manufactured/Mobile Home

Solid Fuel Burning Appliance

Permit application for:

  • factory built solid fuel burning applicance such as a wood stove;
  • masonry fireplace;
  • chimney;

The fee for permit is $100.

Any solid fuel burning applicance must be installed per the manufacturer's specifications.

Farm Building Exemptions

For the purposes of this exemption, the farm buildings must be located on land classed as “farm” under the Assessment Act and are designed for “low human occupancy” as defined in the National Farm Building Code of Canada.

Please note that applications for a Farm Exemption MUST be accompanied by a current (no older than 30 day) title search and copies of all covenants, easements and rights of way registered on the title. The RDOS can obtain these documents for the applicant if necessary. All associated fees must be paid before Exemption can be issued.

Building without Permit - Complaint Form

In order to investigate a complaint of building occurring without a building permit, we require a signed, written complaint giving the details of the property and building.  Please use this Complaint Form.

Mechanical Ventilation Checklist

The Mechanical Ventilation Checklist is required to be completed, for all new residential and major renovation projects, prior to calling for framing inspection.

Certification of Plumbing Test

Swimming Pools

  • Click here for information from the building bylaw related to swimming pools.


  • Riparian Area Regulations (setback from water courses) If you are planning on building within 30 metres of the high water mark of any lake, swamp, pond, watercourse or top of ravine bank, you will need a Watercourse Development Permit. These permits must be approved BEFORE you can apply for a Building Permit.