Land Use Plans

Official Community Plan Bylaw

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a general statement of objectives and policies for land use, and for the form and character of future development. This land use bylaw serves as a guide to the RDOS Board, the public and the development community, in decision-making for land use. The OCP Bylaw maps identify 'land use designations', or types of development that the RDOS Board will consider in certain locations, as well as "Development Permit Areas", where special guidelines apply. The policies of an OCP are implemented through the Zoning Bylaw.


Zoning is the major tool by which the RDOS Board regulates the use, size and siting of land and buildings within the District. 'Land use designations' identified on Zoning Bylaw maps are more detailed than those of the OCP Bylaw, and are accompanied by text that outlines a specific range of permitted uses, densities, siting and building form. The purpose of the zoning land use bylaw is to provide for the orderly development of the community, and to avoid conflicts between incompatible land uses.