Data Formats

The RDOS provides GIS data in the following formats:

DWG: Autodesk Drawing file format. Read more on the DWG format from WikiPedia.

FGDB: ESRI File geoDatabase format (v10.1).

KML: Keyhole Markup Language format. Read more on the KML format from WikiPedia.

SHP: ESRI Shape file format. Read more on the SHP format from WikiPedia.


All formats are provided in BC Albers Equal Area projection, NAD 83 datum with the following parameters:

  • Central meridian: 126:00:00 West longitude

  • First Standard Parallel 50:00:00 North latitude

  • Second Standard Parallel 58:30:00 North latitude

  • Latitude of projection origin 45:00:00 North latitude

  • False northing 0.0

  • False easting 1000000.0 (one million meters)