Home Industry/Occupation & Cannabis Production Update


The Regional District is proposing a serious of amendments to the Electoral Area Zoning Bylaws in order to update the regulations related to “home industry” and “home occupation” uses. 

It is further proposed to prohibit cannabis production in all zones, other than Industrial, with exceptions being provided for parcels in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) where cannabis production complies with the requirements of the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) Act & Regulations. 

With regard to the update of “home industry” and “home occupation” regulations, it is being proposed to, amongst other things, introduce standardized wording related to:

  • A home occupation shall not occupy more than 50% of the floor area of a principal dwelling unit or accessory building to a maximum of 50.0 m2;

  • A home occupation shall not involve the outdoor storage of materials and equipment associated with a contractor, trade or mobile service;

  • No home industry shall be permitted on a parcel less than 2.0 hectares in size;

  • The maximum floor area utilized for a home industry, including the indoor or outdoor storage of materials, commodities or finished products associated with the home industry shall not exceed 200.0 m2; and

  • Only persons residing in the principal dwelling unit may carry on the home industry located on the parcel, and up to two (2) non-resident employees may be on the parcel.

  • prohibit cannabis production as a type of home industry or occupation.

The Regional District Board has also initiated a separate Amendment Bylaw (No. 2858) that is proposing to make an allowance for small-scale cannabis production facilities approved by Health Canada under the federal "micro cultivation" license.

Amongst other things, it is being proposed that a new use of "micro cannabis production facility" be introduced into the Electoral Area Zoning Bylaws and be a permitted use in the Resource Area (RA), Agriculture (AG1, AG2 & AG3), Large Holdings (LH1 & LH2) and Small Holdings Two (SH2) zones provided a parcel size is not less than 2.0 ha in area the production facility does not exceed 400 m2 in area.

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Amendment Bylaw No. 2849
(version - 2019-05-27)


Amendment Bylaw No. 2858

(version - 2019-05-27)



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Amendment Bylaw No. 2849
(version - 2019-02-21)


Amendment Bylaw No. 2849
(annotated version - 2019-02-21)

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