Temporary Use Permit (Renewal)

Project No: E2016.119-TUP
Project Type:Temporary Use Permit
Application Date:November 2, 2016

Kathy Robbins

Civic Address: 4245 Mill Road, Naramata
Purpose:Renewal of an existing TUP for a vacation rental to December 31, 2019/
RDOS Contact:Christopher Garrish
250-490-4101 / cgarrish@rdos.bc.ca
DocumentsPublic ConsultationRegional District Board Consideration

Application Form

Permit No. E2015.030-TUP


Draft TUP:

Permit No. E2016.119-TUP

Public Information Meeting:

Monday, November 14, 2016 - 7-7:30 pm.
330 3rd Street, Naramata
Old Age Pensioners Hall

Public Notice


Advisory Planning Commission (APC):


Administrative Report

Minutes (November 14, 2016)

Administrative Report


Minutes (December 15, 2016)

Current Status: