Electoral Area D1

Current Rezoning Proposals

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary
D2017.069-ZONETwin Lakes Golf Course Limited (Suki Sekhon)79 Twin Lakes Road, Twin LakesTo transfer density equivalent to a 50 multi-unit development from the adjacent eastern parcel to the subject parcel.
D2018.164-ZONERenae Esperanza449 Sagewood Lane, Twin LakesTo allow 1 rooster, 15 small livestock and 1 livestock on a parcel less than 2,500 m2 in area.

Current Temporay Use Permit Applications

Project No.ProponentAddressSummary

Completed Rezoning Proposals

Project No.Zoning Bylaw No.OCP Bylaw No. AddressSummary
RD 421883.13, 20081882.09, 2008N/AIntroduce 1.0 ha minimum requirement for un-serviced parcels to be created by subdivision.
D-08-08042.0002457.01, 20082456.01, 2008no civic addressAllow for a 5 lot subdivision. (ABANDONED)
D-08-06900.1202457.02, 2009-520 & 525 Grand Oro RoadAllow for a 1 lot subdivision.
D-09-01501.0152457.03, 2010-315 Linden Avenue, KaledenAllow for eating and drinking establishment, banquet facilities, outdoor seating and commercial garden.
D-09-02778.2002457.04, 2009-181 Jebbs Road, Twin LakesAllow for the development of a 2nd principal dwelling.
D-09-02800.0502457.05, 2009-289 Clearview Road, ApexAllow for the subdivision of a jointly held duplex into two separate titles.
D-10-06900.2202457.06, 2010-551 Grand Oro RoadAllow for a 1 lot subdivision.
D-10-06582.0202457.07, 2010-145 Saddlehorn Drive, St. AndrewsAllow for a 1 lot subdivision (REFUSED).
D-11-04929.0002457.08, 20112456.02, 20112049 Green Mountain RoadAllow for a 4 lot subdivision (ABANDONED).
D-11-02369.0152457.09, 20112456.03, 20111699 White Lake RoadAllow for a 1 lot subdivision.
D-11-04251.0002457.10, 2012-1229 Apex Mountain Road, ApexAllow for a secondary suite.
D-12-APEX2457.11, 20132456.04, 2013200 Strayhorse Road, ApexAllow for development of a mixed use structure in Apex Village.
D2013.034-ZONE2457.12, 20132456.05, 2013ApexAllow vacation rental as a permitted use at Apex.
D-13-05078.0302457.13, 20132456.06, 2013174 Twin Lake Road, Twin LakesFormalise a secondary suite.
D2015.026-ZONE2457.14, 20152456.07, 2015Creekview Road, ApexReplace RMU Zone with a new RM3 Zone.
D2016.096-ZONE2457.15, 2016-(various)Introduce LH2 Zone and apply to an area of Green Mountain Road
D2016.090-ZONE2457.16, 20182683.01, 2018131 & 133 Whitetail Road, ApexFormalise 4-plex & allow short-term tourist accommodation.
D2017.003-ZONE2457.17, 2017-2011 Green Mountain RoadAllow subdivision of an 8.0 ha parcel.
D2016.016-ZONE2457.18, 2017-Taggart Crescent, Twin LakesVoluntary Discharge of Land Use Contract No. LU-23-D-77
D2016.016-ZONE2457.19, 2017-Taggart Crescent, Twin LakesEarly Termination of Land Use Contract No. LU-23-D-77
D2017.074-ZONE2457.21, 2017-1992 Green Mountain RoadTo facilitate subdivision (Withdrawn)
D2017.147-ZONE2457.22, 2018-445 & 449 Sagewood Lane, Twin LakesTo allow "agriculture" as a permitted use by rezoning to SH5s.
D2018.004-ZONE2457.23, 2018-1609, 1714, 1730, 1746 & 1752 Green Lake RoadEarly Termination of Land Use Contract No. LU-10-D
D2018.039-ZONE2457.24, 2018-100 4th Street, KaledenTo allow a secondary suite on a parcel less than 2,020 m2 in area.
D2018.040-ZONE2457.25, 2018-137 Saddlehorn DriveTo facilitate a boundary adjustment (subdivision)

Completed Temporary Use Permits

Project No.ProponentAddressSummaryPermit Expiry
D2016.094-TUPBar T5 Trailers North Inc. 1146 Highway 3A, Twin LakesDisplay and sales of trailers and equipmentNovember 17, 2019
D2016.105-TUPAdam Konanz110 Ponderosa Avenue, KaledenRenewal of existing permit for a vacation rental use.December 31, 2019
D2016.132-TUPIan Johnson100 4th Street, KaledenOperation of a vacation rental use (Withdrawn).N/A